Mangata Suspender
Mangata Suspender
Mangata Suspender
Mangata Suspender
Mangata Suspender

Mangata Suspender

Regular price€249,00


Model’s measurements are:

Waist: 60cm / 23’2”

Model wears size: S


Suspender size guide:

Size Waist (cm)
S 60 - 67 cm
M 68 - 75 cm

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Mangata is the moon’s reflection on the water. It just looks like a shiny walkway to heaven. This set is made to contour your body in a seductive way, while adding some glitter on top, because … why not?

The Mangata suspender is composed of stretchy, high-quality mesh covered in crystal stones, along with 100% natural silk details. 


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Mangata Knickers
Mangata Knickers
Mangata Knickers

Mangata Knickers

Regular price€149,00


Model’s measurements are:

Hips: 92cm / 36’2”

Waist: 60cm / 23’2”

Model wears size: XS


Knickers size guide:

Size Hips (cm)
XS (EU) 91-94 cm
S (EU) 95-98 cm
M (EU) 99-102 cm

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Mangata Bra

Regular price€199,00


Cup sizes run large, if you’re between sizes, we recommend sizing down.

Model’s measurements are:

Bust: 83cm / 32’6”

Under Bust: 72cm / 29’1”

Model wears size: 70A


International bra size guide:

85A 70A 32A
90A 75A 34A
95A 80A 36A
85B 70B 32B
90B 75B 34B
95B 80B 36B
85C 70C 32C
90C 75C 34C
95C 80C 36C
85D 70D 32D
90D 75D 34D
85DD 70DD 32DD


European bra size guide:

Size Bust (cm) Under Bust (cm)
70A (EU)
81 - 85 cm
68 - 72 cm
75A (EU)
86 - 90 cm
73 - 77 cm
80A (EU)

91 - 95 cm

78 - 82 cm
70B (EU) 83 - 87 cm 68 - 72 cm
75B (EU) 88 - 92 cm 73 - 77 cm
80B (EU) 93 - 97 cm 78 - 82 cm
70C (EU) 85 - 89 cm
68 - 72  cm
75C (EU) 90 - 94 cm
73 - 77 cm
80C (EU) 95 - 99 cm
78 - 82 cm
70D (EU) 87 - 91 cm
68 - 72  cm
75D (EU) 92 - 96 cm
73 - 77 cm
70DD (EU) 89 - 93 cm
68 - 72  cm


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Mangata Bra
Mangata Bra
Mangata Bra
Mangata Bra


When the party is over and the real fun begins. All you troublemakers out there, this one is for you.