We know you want the best of your Lit Appeal experience. So we made sure you can choose the set that fits your personality the most.

Pearl Set

Inspired by the smell of sunrise on an exotic beach, this set is special because it was the very first one created when we started designing our Wifey-Material collection. The gentle French lace brings a sensual and feminine vibe to this set, and you can simply feel it.

Crystal Set

Our popular Crystal set just takes lingerie to a whole new level. Is it a photoshoot, is it a party, or is it a special night in? Anyhow you are planning to wear it, the crystal set is going to make you feel like the stage is yours!

Shakti Set

Shakti is the female principle of divine energy. This set is about manipulating your feminine attributes and getting the attention and admiration you deserve. The gentle French lace covers your body just enough to make you look glamorous and seductive

Midnight Set

Attention! To only be worn after 12 am! Our Midnight set is all about exploring your deepest fantasies, letting go of any inhibitions and enjoying the moment. And yes, those crystals shine in the dark, too.

Stardust Set

We are so much into stargazing, and we hope that you are, too. This set brings some mystery to the table, while the star pattern lace makes all your wishes come true! Playful, sexy and astrological, Stardust set is safe to wear even on Mercury retrograde!

Utopia Set

Our famous Utopia set, as the name already describes it, is about letting your imagination reach perfection , and then boldly turn it into reality. Carefully composed of French lace and natural silk, we reinterpreted the Victorian corset in such manner to combine both class and sensuality with sex appeal and seduction.

Rose Set

Oh... la vie en Rose! Have you everwished for a Parisian night in two? Well, our Rose set might just be the perfect fit for these moments… The elegant French lace gently reveals the most beautiful parts of your body, while making it look classy and sensual.

Mangata Set

Mangata is the moon’s reflection on the water. It just looks like a shiny walkway to heaven. This set is made to contour your body in a seductive way, while adding some glitter on top, because … why not?

Venus Set

Venus is considered to be the planet of love and romance. The flower patterned French lace inspires you to let your soft side out. Love is beautiful, and so are you!